Soup, there it is!

One of the most common questions I get when demoing our line of feta cheese spreads in stores is “What else can we use it on, other than pita bread, and pita chips?” This is the second post in a series that will show you how to cook with our spreads in creative ways.  We’re going to keep this one nice and simple: mix it in with your favorite soup.  Here are some #ProFetaTips:

  • Don’t: Mix into a broth based soup. Broth based soups tend to be too thin to incorporate the spreads into.  If you’re try it you’re left with little floating pieces of cheese spread – sad and unappetizing.
  • Do: Mix in with chili or thicker base soups. Your average chili or tomato soup (pictured below) tend to be the best soup consistencies for stirring in some feta spread.  If you’re going with chili, then mix in our Habanero blend – perfect to kick things up a notch.  If you’re going with tomato, mix in our Basil & Rosemary blend – the basil in our spread adds an aromatic herb flavor to the tomato base.Blog - Tomato SoupBlog - Chili
  • Do: Leave a little left over for your bread, because well… it’s just too good to pass up.

While we’re dealing 30 below zero temps here in Minnesota, hopefully these ideas will give an interesting and delicious twist to your soup as you fight to stay warm. Have examples you’ve made at home? Send them our way and we’ll share on social media and hook you up with some free spread!  Until next time…