The Importance of Community

When I was growing up my Papou (Grandpa) George was always spouting off one liners: “Everything in moderation!” he’d say, as we grabbed a second helping of dessert. “There is nothing permanent, except change” as we struggled to adjust to the changing circumstances around us. “Find a good wife, if you don’t you’ll end up a philosopher” – I think he stole that one from Socrates.  As kids, my siblings, cousins and I often brushed off the sayings (as most kids do).  Now of course, in our late 20’s and early 30’s we recognize the wisdom he gained from living a full life for 100 years – he passed away a week after his 100th birthday.  Of all the one-liners he kept in his hip-pocket, the one I remember the most was the simplest: “You need people.” He said this time and again, and this simple phrase is really the foundation on which Philia Foods is built.

“So what exactly did he mean?” you ask. For those of you who know anyone whose heritage is Mediterranean or Eastern European, family is EVERYTHING. Our family gathered regularly at Papou and Yiayia’s house on Sunday after church and spent countless hours just being with each other, no distractions. On holidays our family spends all day together with old and new friends that we’ve met throughout the years.  When my Papou George would say “you need people” these are the types of gatherings he was talking about. The kind that refuel your soul. The kind that allow you to truly unplug from the chaos of your day to day routine. Our Philia line of feta spreads is the perfect accompaniment to any of these gatherings, and lets you forget about the appetizers and focus on your friends, family, and guests. Our love for food and relationships is what drives Philia Foods forward every day.

Yiayia and Papou

Yiayia & Papou

Sometimes we get so swamped with our routines and schedules, we forget to take much needed time to unplug. When the weekend rolls around and people are gathering together, thinking about your chaos for the upcoming week, or how stressed you are from the previous week, can curb the desire to join the party. We’ve all been there: you sit down on the couch, grab a cold beverage of some kind, turn on Netflix, and before you know it, the clock reads 11:00 PM and you are ready to call it a night. So the next time people are getting together, and you feel the urge to stay home in your comfortable sweat pants and turn on a movie, remember that “you need people” on this journey through life (and maybe some feta spread too).

Until next time.